Svetla Velichkova

Professional dog handling, grooming and training

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A little bit more about me...


You probably know my name, since you've found my website - it's a hard one to find.
I welcome you to my personal web space! The purpose for this web site is mostly to show a little bit of myself. If you decide to contact me then - you can use any social or old-school method :).

For 15 years I've included dogs in my everyday activity...and I've succeeded! At the moment I'm a professional dog show handler, a dog groomer and a dog trainer. Unfortunately it's not my full time job (I'm a Front end developer also) but I spend almost all of my free time doing..."dogs stuff", and of course all of my holidays.

In my life I have raised two beautiful huskies, and in present I live with two amazing Australian shepherds(and a man), the breed that I can call "my type of dog". In those 15 years of doggy life I've handled breeds from all FCI groups and I'm closely interested in Group 1, 5 and 8.

Best, Svetla

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